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Specially tailored solutions


improve quality of experience

Forget Quality of Service, Customer Experience (QoE) is what really matters!

network automation

Leverage machine learning capabilities and configure advanced Rules & Alarms to alert you of an abnormal event. Then automatically apply conditional policies to correct the behaviour, all in Real Time!


Advanced REST APIs provide capability to fully integrate with any OSS/BSS system for end-to-end user and network management.

95%-100% link utilization

Reduce the costs of backhaul, peering and transit links by getting more from what you have. With Saisei you can run at 95%-100% link utilization.

manage bandwidth by customer & plans

Manage rate plans for tiered fair use (host equalization), or up-sell your customers - all easily configurable! Manage quotas, rates, time of day usage, metering, etc.



Customers will no longer experience buffering or stalling of services like Netflix and YouTube during peak hours.

LIVE CUSTOMER DASHBOARD reducing cost to serve

Step straight into a customer dashboard showing Real Time and Historical usage by application. Integrate straight into CRM to provide immediate customer problem identification, increasing first call resolution rates and decrease cost to serve. 

big data in real time & historical

No samples, no delays. Get 100% visibility in Real Time and go back up to 2 years on demand! 

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